The QCPL Puppeteers was formally launch as a group last Nov 15, 2008. The group then, started to perform puppet shows through stick puppets when Our Lagro Branch Librarians made visuals/drawings pasted on cardboards and sticks used in their storytelling sessions. The first puppet show was entitled “PAMAYANAN” and from then on, the news about drew crowds spread throughout the four corners of the Library, and the rest is history. The group continuously enhanced their performances and even created modernized Puppets and Mascots for Puppet Shows.

The group is committed to use the full potential of puppetry as an art to facilitate learning, enhance creativity and imagination, promote positive attitude and to inculcate character-building through educational entertainment.


Policies to be followed:

1. All request letters should be addressed to the City Librarian for approval.

2. Letter request should be received a month before the event for reservation and scheduling.

3. First come first served policy will be observed at all times.

4. The Section Head upon approval for the activity must inform the requesting party for the said approval and confirmation.

5. Other occasions like Birthday Parties and others will be further approval and negotiation.

6. Schedules will be posted.

7. No show on Sundays and holidays are to be approved.