On-the-job-training Policies

An admitted trainee shall abide by the rules and regulations implemented by the office where he/she is undergoing on-the-job training.


• Must report to assigned section on or before the scheduled time;

• In case of late or absence, notify the supervisor in-charge in advance or may call 922-40-60;

• Time cards should be countersigned by the guard on duty/assigned officer;

• Lunch break is at 11:00-12:00 12;00-1:00; snack/break time 10:00-10:15; 3:00-3:15

• Strictly NO SMOKING inside the library premises/vicinity as per Executive Order No. 26 (Providing smoke free environment in public and enclosed places)


• Be polite. Smile. Greet as you arrive;

• Practice professional courtesy when communicating with employees and client/s. Patience is a virtue that should be demonstrated

• Interact respectfully with all the supervisors and colleagues.

Dress code

• Wearing of school uniform or group uniform is encouraged;

• No shorts, leggings, low rise jeans, slippers, spaghetti straps, flip flops, midriff clothing and body tights.

• Wearing of QCPL ID is a must.

During Working Hours

• Avoid using cell phones, head phones and other gadgets. Put it in a silent mode.

• Avoid chatting with co-trainee/s, other staff and make one self busy;

• Maintain the progress of the work as agreed with the immediate supervisors.

• Complete the required training hours as indicated in the school endorsement or MOA. In case of late, half day or absences, the period of OJT will be extended to complete required hours.

• Actively seek feedback and incorporate suggestions for performance improvements.


• No advance CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be issued unless there is a promissory note signed by the teacher/professor indicating that deficit hours will be paid back.

• Request of advance Certificate with more than ten days absence will be referred to the City Librarian’s office. Ten days and below is upon the discretion of the Reference Section Head & Readers Services Division Head.

Pantry Use

• Lower your voice so as not to disturb nearby area.

• Separate food waste from plastic/container in proper trash bin.

• Clean the area after eating.

• Trainee must pay ₱5.00 per 500ml of water.

• In case of violation of the above policy a warning will be given to the specific trainee and in case of habitual violation the management (QCPL) has the right to terminate the training and the school will be notified accordingly.