Technical Services Division Policies

Collection Development Section Policy

The collection development policy is intended to provide guidance, within budgetary and space limitations, for the selection and evaluation of materials which anticipate and meet the needs of the Quezon City community. It directly relates the collection to the library's mission and vision statement, and defines the scope and standards of the various collections.

As the community changes, the library will need to reassess and adapt its collections to reflect new and different areas of interest and concern. The collection development policy will be periodically evaluated and revised as necessary to provide guidance for implementing changes in the collection.


Support the curricular needs and interest of the Quezon City community by:

1. Systematic, timely, selective acquisition of print and non-print reference materials of suitable quality and format.

2. Provide access through information through licensing, subscribing, linking to free resources, or making consortia agreements with publishers, other libraries, or other organization.

3. Developing collections with adequate resources in each subject area.

4. Maintaining the collections through appropriate conservation and preservation methods.

The Community

Quezon City is characterized by a large number of organizations, a growing business community, a long tradition of interest in art and culture, and notable private and public elementary, high schools, colleges and universities. The individuals in the community reflect varying economic, racial and educational backgrounds. It has a population of 2,936,116 as of August 20151. There is an increasing number of immigrants, particularly from other communities and provinces moving into the city. Quezon City is the ICT capital of the Philippines, the second richest city2 and the most business-friendly city in the country. It is also the second biggest city in the country, second to Davao City, and the largest city in Metro Manila3, comprising 25% of land area. Literacy in Quezon City is relatively high. English is widely spoken, though it is Tagalog that is predominantly used. There are parts of the city that are called depressed areas with informal settlers living within the area.

Quezon City Public Library is located within the Quezon City Hall premises; thus, employees and other city hall stakeholders are also regular users of the library, aside from other professionals, students, and senior citizens. Studying the community is essential to selection of materials for the library. Knowledge of the community enables the library to better serve its users by developing collections that reflect the changing interest and composition of Quezon City. 2 city-in-philippines.html

Philosophy of the Collection

In support of its mission, Quezon City Public Library provides different collections in varied disciplines, that gives wide array of information that will help the community in their research needs. It also collects information about the history of Quezon City for the use of the future generations of the City. Some materials available in the library present a diversity of viewpoints, enabling citizens to make the informed choices necessary in a democracy, although they are limited in number.

Purchased Collection

The Library has an annual budget to purchase collection in various format, reading levels, and subject areas. Multiple copies of materials are only purchased to be distributed in its different branch libraries in response to user demand as evidenced by number of reserves, anticipated popularity, repeated requests and monitoring of the collection.

Donation / Gift

The Quezon City Public Library is always grateful to receive/accept donation of books, library materials, etc. from various donors like civic spirited individuals, foundations, organizations, and friends of the library that help augment and increase library collections.

Nevertheless, donors must understand and follow the existing policies for donation as follows:

a. All donated books and other library materials will be evaluated and assessed by the book selection committee under the Technical Services Division.
b. Books and other reading materials will be weeded/disposed if:

• With poor physical condition
• Obsolete, outdated books and inexpensive re-prints

c. Selected books, reading materials, etc. will be processed with the option to be distributed to the Main Library, Branch Libraries and Adopted Reading Centers.

d. The QCPL reserves the right to dispose/weed, etc. all donated books or reading materials, etc. without the consent of the donor if found to be under the letter b policy.

e. QCPL does not accept inquiries from donors on their donated books, reading materials, etc.

f. All donations forms part of the QCPL properties

Donors' full name, address, contact number and quantity of donation is recorded for reference. Acknowledgment letter is given to the Collection Maintenance The continuous review of library collection is necessary to ensure that the collection remain up to date, balanced, and in good physical condition and to have available space for the incoming acquisition. The library staff applies professional judgement and expertise in determining what materials to retain, repair or weed.

Scope of the Collection

The primary responsibility of the Quezon City Public Library is to serve Quezon City citizens and employees by providing a broad choice of materials to meet their informal, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Materials are selected to aid individuals, groups, and organizations attain practical solutions to daily problems, and to enrich the quality of life for all community members.

Main Library

The Main branch serves the Quezon City community as whole, in addition to serving as a resource for the other eighteen (18) active branch libraries. The size and scope of its collection attracts users from surrounding cities and municipalities of Metro Manila areas, however, the main purpose is to serve Quezon City citizens and employees. As an urban library, the Main Branch places major emphasis on the provision of information. It offers a strong reference collection that supports an extensive and in-depth reference service. A broad choice of circulating print and non-print materials is selected to accommodate the diversity of tastes, reading levels, languages, and interest of users of all ages. The Main branch aims at providing a comprehensive collection of materials relating to the City, and builds upon existing strengths in business, economics, culture and the arts. Scholarly and highly technical or specialized materials are not purchased but are made available through other libraries with strong collections, such as the UP-NCPAG, NSO, and Thomas Jefferson Library.

District Libraries

The six (6) District Libraries offer a full range of standard library services to the general needs of their respective district. They maintain a balanced collection covering both standard works on all subjects and materials catering to different levels of readership. Collection and services of district libraries tries to be at par with the Main branch. However, in case of limited resources, District libraries becomes second in priority in the distribution of materials whether purchased or donated.

Barangay Libraries

The thirteen (13) Barangay Libraries serve specific neighborhoods in the City. The interests and needs of the actual and potential users of the branch are continually evaluated so that each library has a collection reflecting the community that it serves. While each Barangay library serves basic reference needs of its neighborhood with a core of reference materials, it does not duplicate the in-depth sources or special collections of the Main and District libraries.

Responsibility of the Selection

The authority and responsibility for the selection of library materials rests ultimately with the City Librarian. Under his/her direction, selection is delegated to the librarians. All staff members and the general public are encouraged to recommend materials for consideration.

All materials, whether purchased or donated, are considered in terms of the criteria set by the Technical Services.

The library strongly encourages input from the Quezon City community concerning the collection. Suggestion for purchase procedure enables Quezon City citizens to request that a particular item of subject be purchased by the library. All suggestions for purchase are subject to the same selection criteria as other materials and are not automatically added to the collection. It is the library's intent that suggestions for purchase be used to help the library in developing the collection which serve the interests and needs of the community.

Quezon City resident wishing to recommend the removal of a particular item in the library collection may submit a "Request for consideration", which will be reviewed by the City Librarian and library staff in relation to the library's mission statement and the selection criteria of this Collection Development Policy. The City Librarian will evaluate the reviews submitted by the patron and library staff and will release a response within 30 days upon receiving the formal objection.

Selection Criteria

The following are the criteria for selection of library materials:

a. Content

• Accurate and updated coverage.
• Broaden various development aspects.
• Suitable for readers' level.
• Furthers the mission of the library.

b. Readability

• Clearly and concisely written.
• Has good writing style.

c. Physical Make-up of Material

• Good quality material
• Attractive and creative presentation

d. Others

• Reasonable price
• Positive reviews
• Easy to use