About the Library


The Quezon City Public Library takes charge of the acquisition, collection, organization, distribution, and preservation of books and non-book materials to meet the needs of the reading public. QCLP manages the dissemination of information through books and non-book materials that promote the educational, economic, moral, social, and cultural well-being of the city populace. QCLP also facilitates the use of the library as a venue for audio-visual presentations and other kinds of exhibition and activities.


Library Hours

Monday to Friday
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Who May Use the Library?

The library is open to the general public – students, professionals, out of school youth, children, senior citizens, officials and employees of the city hall and others including PWDs who may wish to conduct research or spend a wholesome use of leisure time thru reading.

Dress code for clientele

mini shorts, mini skirt, revealing clothing are not allowed.

Personal belongings

Baggage Counter

The objective of the Baggage Control is to have a policy that prevent or minimize losses of the library user’s belongings and to avoid conflict between staff and the researchers. Thus, the library users are advised to follow the following policy:

  • 1. All are requested to deposit their things/bags at the baggage counter. (Ordinance No. 1194, S-2002, Sec. 3)
  • 2. Library users are advised not to leave cash, credit cards, cellphone, important documents, or any valuables including jewelries in their bags. The library will not be liable for any such losses.
  • 3. Bags, attaché case, boxes and laptops should not be brought inside the library. They must be deposited at the counter. If laptops will be used/ brought inside the library, a slip should be filled-out, bearing the name and type of the laptop/gadgets and its paraphernalia and to be submitted to the guard on duty.
  • 4. All deadly weapons must be deposited to the guard on duty upon entering the library.
  • 5. Personal books are allowed to be brought inside, provided that the owner must fill-out a slip indicating the quantity, title and author of the book.
  • 6. The number tags must be properly kept by the holder to avoid inconvenience in claiming bags or any belongings deposited at the baggage counter. The number tag attached to the owner’s belongings must correspond to the number tag under his/her possession. Otherwise, he/she must be able to determine his/her belongings that must match against his/her description. Lost number will be charged ₱100.00.
  • 7. No pets are allowed.
  • 8. Request plastic envelop for your valuables to be brought inside the library. Unreturned plastic envelop will be charged ₱30.00.
  • 9. All bags/belongings should be submitted for inspection by the Guard on duty upon leaving the library premises.
  • 10. Unclaimed baggage after end of office hours at 5:00 p.m. particularly important documents and belongings must be claimed the next working day and must be properly identified by the owners. If not properly identified, the library will not return such baggage and wait for rightful persons to claim the baggage.


  • 1. Vandalism/tampering/ mutilating the QCPL collections and other library properties are strictly prohibited. Any person guilty of such act will be disallowed or will be banned to enter library premises.
  • 2. Cleanliness and orderliness in the library must always be observed.
  • 3. No seat reservation especially on review areas/carrels.
  • 4. No food and drinks are allowed inside the section;

Charges for Overdue, Lost and Damaged Library Materials

One of the missions of the QC Public Library is to provide quality resources so that every user becomes lifelong readers, learners, and effective and responsible users of information. To meet this mission, it is important for library materials to be in good condition and to be returned on time by the borrowers. Library budget for new books is approve on a yearly basis and it is not possible to replace all of the lost or damaged materials at once. There are instances that the items that are lost or damaged are the very materials that are frequently borrowed or read and are mostly very important for research. All borrowers, including library staff, are included in this Overdue, Lost and Damaged Library Materials Policy. The borrower of the book is responsible for the safe and timely return of library material. Notification of overdue or lost material is a service provided by the library. Failure to receive a notice does not free the borrower of responsibilities.

  1. Borrowers may replace lost or damaged library materials which are acceptable to the library plus payment of corresponding fine.
  2. Borrowers who find major damages in the library material they borrow, must report it at once to the Librarian, otherwise, they will be held responsible for the damage.

Legal Bases

1. Republic Act 411, An Act To Provide For The Establishment, Operation And Maintenance Of Municipal Libraries Throughout      The Philippines, Appropriating Fund Therefor.

2. City Ordinance No. 3559, S.1957, Prescribing The Powers And Duties Of Quezon City Librarian And Superintendent, Quezon      City, And Promulgating Rules And Regulations For The Operations Thereof.

3. Republic Act 7743, An Act Providing For The Establishment Of Congressional, City And Municipal Libraries And Barangay      Reading Centers Throughout The Philippines, Appropriating The Necessary Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes.

4. City Ordinance No. SP-2291, S.2014, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 3559 Series Of 1957, Prescribing The
     Powers And Duties Of Quezon City Librarian And Superintendent, Quezon City, And Promulgating Rules And Regulations
     For The Operations Thereof.

5. City Ordinance No. 2597, S.2017, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 3559, S.1957, As Amended By Ordinance No.
     SP-2291, S.2014, Thereby Expanding The Role Of The Quezon City Library And Information Center To Include Print And
     Digital Publishing Services.

Service Pledge

Provide efficient and accurate information to our clients through available relevant resources in different formats.

Develop human resources to become fully aware of our duties as professionals, be accountable in everything we do, and be respectful in dealing with our clients, co-employees, and duly constituted authorities.

Continue to be an influence to other public libraries in the country, being the leader in public library service through our innovative strategies and initiatives.

Attend to all applicants, clients, and requesting parties who are within the premises of the office prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break.