Mission, Vision And Core Values


The QCPL envisions itself to be a premier and world class public library, responsive to the information and research needs of the community.


Imbued with its Vision, the QCPL commit to:

  1. Provide quality resources and services to meet the changing needs of the community through the introduction of innovative techniques for the advancement of learning and literacy.

  2. Train and develop the staff to be equipped with the needed skills and competencies and strive to be an innovator in public library services.

  3. Foster strong linkage and partnership among government and non-government agencies both local and international.

Core Values

  1. QUALITY RESOURCES AND SERVICES – QCPL believes on the value of accuracy and efficiency in providing information to its clients, through the available relevant resources in different format facilitated by the flexible, responsible, service-oriented, skilled and resourceful QCPL team that helps in the formation of responsible citizens of the city and the country.

  2. COMMITMENT - QCPL team believes on the importance of commitment in doing its role wholeheartedly as a public library through the honest, trusted, loyal and motivated employees to achieve personal and professional integrity.

  3. PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY – QCPL team believes on the value of developing its human resources to become fully aware of their duties as professionals, accountable in everything they do and respectful in dealing with their clients, co-employees, and duly constituted authorities.

  4. LEADERSHIP - As a prime public library in the country, QCPL team continues to be an influence to other public libraries in the country being the leader in public library service through its innovative strategies and initiatives.