Service Orientation

Reference Service at the Library is one of the most vital and visible expressions of the library's purpose and mission and is key to the library's service roles: To serve as a center for information, formal education, research and independent learning. In addition, since more users are accessing the library from home or office , which the library has encouraged, it is imperative that reference service address this new trend. The library's building shall not be a boundary to its information services. By emphasizing real-time reference service, the library's goal is to offer service to information seekers at the place where they are when they have a question.

Goals of Reference Service

To meet the information/research need of library users(student, staff and other clienteles) accurately, efficiently and plesantly.

To provide instruction so that users may become more independent in their use of library resources.

Specific Objective of Reference Services

It is the policy of the library to consider each individual information query to be of equal merit regardles of the age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual preference or English language proficiency of the library user. The library's intention is to accord equal attention and effort to each inquiry, although the time spent by the staff on a question may vary in response to the perceived needs of the user, the information resources (both staff and collections) available and the methods of receipt of the inquiry. There are some limits to service for non-Q.C resident(see appropriate section below).

To maintain an up-to-date, relevant and readily accessible working collection of reference materials both electronic and paper, relating primarily to the library's program. The reference collection includes generalities and research oriented dictionaries, encyclopedias, biographies, bibliographies, indexes, directories, almanacs, handbooks, and general works to history book collections. In also includes Book of Interests shelf, Q.C. & TNL annual statistical reports as well as online sources such as E-Research Corner and tablets.

To give appropriate reference assistance to the library's clientele in real-time (i.e., when it is needed, regardless of where the user is) in helping users. The reference staff determines the information needs of the library users, the exact information requested and exerts effort to find sources appropriate to the level of knowledge and interest of the users that come to the library or through telephone, e-mail or engaged in online inquiries.

To provide instructions in library use by the most effective means and with suitable cooperation with other branch or agencies.

To provide access to full-text databese.

To actively publicize the scope, nature and availability of the information services we offer. We shall employ those media most effective in reaching our entire clientele or selected segments of that clientele.

To facilitate access to library materials which are not available in the library.

To create an environment for and a tradition of good service within the Quezon City Hall Officials & Employees, and to promote the effective utilization of the staff and materials.

To cooperate with other library units by providing them with information about users' needs derived from ongoing contact with our users.

General Collections

»  Dictionary
»  Almanac
»  Encyclopedia
»  Atlas
»  Yearbook

DDC Subject Guide

»  Computer Science ,Information and General Works
»  Philosophy and Psychology
»  Religion
»  Social Sciences
»  Language
»  Science
»  Technology
»  Arts and Recreation
»  Literature
»  History and Geography

Other Collections

Special Collections
»  Chinese Corner


Reference Section Policies

1. All Reference materials like books and other collections are for Room-Use-Only. These materials can be photocopied upon the approval of the Librarian-in-charge with corresponding gate pass from the librarian-in-charge to be presented to the guard.

2. The Reference Section practices the open shelf system wherein the researchers can go directly to the bookshelves and look for their needed books. In case of unavailability of books in the shelves, users can ask the Reference Librarian for assistance.

3. Users are advised to search their needed books and other reading materials at the OPAC before going to the shelves for any books needed;

4. All users are required to sign at the log/attendance book for statistical reports purposes.

5. Library users are required to sign the book cards placed at the back cover of the book, give it to the librarian and leave any valid ID. Users can only get their IDs upon returning the books borrowed, noted by the Librarian and/or Staff-in-charge;

6. Interviews by students to the Librarian are allowed provided there’s a written request sent to the City Librarian prior to the interview for proper scheduling;

7. Vandalism/Tampering/ mutilating the QCPL collections and other library properties are strictly prohibited. Any person guilty of such act will be banned to enter library premises.

8. Cleanliness and orderliness in the library must always be observed.

9. Other related library policies are also being exercise in this reading area.

10. QC residents using QCPL are advise to apply a library card to avail other privillege thereof.