Periodical Section

The most up-to-date resources in the Library are found in the Periodicals section. Subcription of newspaper, magazines and journals is one of the reader's services library programs though organized, relevant and efficient delivery of information. It provides current awareness thourgh daily newspapers, newspaper clippings and displayed magazines on various topics pertaining current issues in general public. It is a place where needed information could be found in magazines, journals, newspapers and other serial materials. It also offers different government publications which were donated from different government agencies like Philippine Statistics Authority, Department of Labor and Employment, etc. It also maintains compilation of back issues of magazines which are bound and old issues of newspapers were maintained after six months of the day wherein for future reference.

This section also provided printed and digitized materials through scanned periodicals (QCLibros) and news online (Pressreader). Periodicals index is available through QC Libros for easy access retrieval of materials. Pressreader is an access to thousands of newspapers and magazines (local and foreign) just as they appear in print.


1. To select and recommend titles of serials needed by library clientele.
2. To instruct student/researcher in the effective and efficient use of periodicals materials in the section
3. To promote the services of the Periodicals section to the community.
4. To coordinate to public and private agencies for additional resources of the library.



»  Daily Tribune
»  Malaya
»  Manila Bulletin
»  Manila Standard
»  Manila Times
»  Philippine Daily Inquirer
»  Philippine Star


»  Balita
»  Bulgar
»  People's Journal
»  People's Tonight
»  Pilipino Star
»  Tempo

New Acquisition - All new magazines and journals subscribed and donated in the library are displayed and shelved in this area

Foreign Titles

»  Architectural Digest
»  Computers in Libraries
»  Cook Illustrated
»  Discover
»  Fortune
»  Instructor
»  Lifestyle Asia Travel
»  National Geographic
»  Popular Science
»  Psychology Today
»  Reader's Digest
»  Tech & Learning
»  Time

Local Titles

»  Entrepreneur Philippines
»  Foods
»  Good Housekeeping
»  Health & Home
»  Real Living
»  Going Places


»  Agriculture
»  Agribusiness
»  Animal Scene
»  Chalk
»  Liwayway
»  Metro Wedding
»  Metro Society
»  Star Studio
»  Working Mom

Bound Magazines - compilation of magazines alphabetically arranged by titles them by dates

Newspaper Clippings - usually physically cut out from the pages of a newspaper. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Government Publications - are documents and information produced by government departments and corporations like Philippine Statistics Authority, National Economic Development Authority, Department of Labor and Employment etc.


1. Assistance to researchers with their materials needed.
2. Periodical index includes in digitized QC Libros for easy access and retrieval of information needed.
3. Periodicals materials use for official and home for Quezon City Hall employees with specific time limit.
4. Telephone calls for immediate information needed.
5. Compiled newspapers for future reference with six months retention period.
6. Periodicals for leisure reading like celebrity, cooking and home remedies interest.
7. Computer services for the browsing and reading of local and international news online thru Pressreader.
8. Extension of Cafe@Lib that gives priority to the elderly where they can order brewed coffee and relax while reading
9. Power outlets for charging laptops and other gadgets.


Policy in using Computers:

1. Fill up all information in the log book.
2. Limit use of 30 minutes.
3. Only websites related to Periodical section will be accessed. (See available websites provided.)
4. No typing and printing allowed. (Proceed to MIS Section for this purpose.) If necessary, inform the library staff first and ask assistance.
5. Saving / downloading of files will be done with the assistance of Periodical Section staff.

Policy in Borrowing:

1. Register in the logbook.
2. Newspaper clippings are for room use only.
3. Donated magazines can be borrowed for outside use for at least two (2) days exclusively for QC Hall employees only.
4. If a material is for photocopy outside the library, a valid and updated ID is required and a gate pass from the Periodical section must be secured.