Law Research Section

Law Research Section is an integral part of the QCPL that offers law books and other related literatures. It houses the official gazettes, Supreme Court Reports Annotated, etc., including compilation of local and national Administrative Orders, Executive Orders, Republics Acts, Ordinances and Resolutions. It also has CD collections like Lex Libris and the Westlaw Asia Philippines which is the source of original decisions authorized by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.


• To provide information sources specially for law education and the practice of law.
• To give appropriate assistance to library's clientele in their research needs.
• To maintain an updated, searchable and easy access to information sources through electronic resources.
• To preserve all Q.C. Ordinance and Q.C. Resolutions through digitization.


»  Books on law education and the practice of law
»  Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA)
»  Philippine Report
»  Velayo's Digest
»  Official Gazette
»  Lawyer's Review
»  MCQ Reviews
»  Q.C. Ordinance and Q.C. Resolution

QC Ordinances

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QC Ordinances

Lex Libris

»  Jurisprudence
»  Philippine Law
»  Taxation
»  Labor and Social Legislation
»  Personal and Family Relations

Law Research Center Policies

The library is considered a research environment where users expect to work undisturbed, the following must be observed.

1. The library is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss of personal property, including property stored in carrels. Library users should take every precaution to ensure the security of personal belongings, especially purses, wallets, backpacks, books, portable computers, and other electronic devices.

2. Food are not allowed inside the reading area. Coffee, drinks, water, cakes and pastries are served at the Café@lib. Use trash cans after personal cleaning of spills. NO SMOKING inside the library.

3. Quiet conversation with others in the library is allowed, but be considerate of those studying around you.

4. Cellphones must be set to non-audible signals while in the Library when answering phone call, one must go out and answer calls at the hallway. Charging fee of P20.00 per hour payable at the City Treasurer’s Office is required. Clients may charge in the area, provided they register first at the Information Desk located at the ground floor.

5. Books are strictly for ROOM USE ONLY.

6. Maximum of 3 to 4 books are allowed for each reader depending on their research work. After using the books leave it on top of the table for inventory purposes. The staff will return the books in the shelves. Feel free to ask the staff for any related research.

7. Photocopy is allowed provided a book pass must be filled up for the books to be taken downstairs for photocopy. Printing service is charged 2.00 pesos per page.

8. Readers are free to use LEX Libris computers for an hour. If anyone wishes to extend their time they will be allowed to unless there are no other readers using the computers. The next reader is always prioritized to give equal opportunity to all users.