Publication Division

The Publication Division was created by virtue of the order of the Hon. City Mayor Herbert Bautista to have a centralized publishing of all QC publications and thus, mandated QCPL to be the Publishing Agency of Quezon City.

This division will cater the publishing needs of all QC Hall Offices and Departments so as to centralize the publishing works. In 2017, Ordinance No. SP 2597, s02917 was approved amending Ordinance No. 3559, S1957, expanding the role of the QCPL to include print and digital publishing. Publication Division takes charge in the publication of a quarterly newsletter of the QCPL named Quezonian Newsletter. It features the activities of the main Library and its branch libraries for the information of the community. It has published its own publication “Milestones: Significant Events that shaped a Great City”.

Publication Policies