Outreach Services

Outreach Services takes charge of the different activities that promotes literacy in the Main and Branch Libraries as well as the whole community even outside Quezon City. Outreach service is a systematic attempt to provide library services beyond conventional limits; it serves as an extension arm of Main Library in providing relevant data responsive to the needs of the reading public in the community. It involves services such as:

• Library Organization
• Adopt-A-Library / Share-A-book
• Bookmobile Caravan
• Pinoy Reading Buddies
• Little Free Library
• Parenting
• Training/Forum
• Outreach and Volunteerism Activity

The section also provides other activities such as storytelling, Film Showing, Puppet Shows, Book Mobile visits, School and Library Orientation / Tours that would enhance creativity and learning in the young minds of children.

It has extended its library services not only in Quezon City but also to other cities, municipalities and provides by adopting their libraries with provision of assorted reference books and other reading materials as well as helps in the organization of the said libraries.

The QCPL through its professional librarians has also been conducting seminars and other related trainings for the Librarian-In-Charge, professional and paraprofessional at different libraries like basic cataloging and Classification of books, Library Organization and Management.

The Outreach Services is an extension arm of Quezon City Public Library in fulfilling its mandate to provide lifelong learning opportunities and increase literacy level through well maintained activities, capable staff and innovative programs and projects among others.

It also extends help to other public libraries / reading centers not only limited to Quezon City but to where it is needed even outside Quezon City and with available resources and counterpart duties for areas that seek assistance.

It is an active unconventional catalyst in promoting public libraries and reading supported by its able staff and organization/local government with shared or common vision.

Outreach Section (Library Organization/ Adopt a Library)

Responsible in developmental planning, evaluation, and monitoring of adopted barangay libraries, public school libraries and reading centers in Quezon City and extending to other cities, municipalities and provinces as per request.


Activity Request Policy

1. Letter of requests received for any activities thru email or walk-in must be recorded first in Incoming communication logbook at Receiving Area (Lobby Desk) for proper protocol and acknowledgement.

2. After receiving, the letter will be forwarded to the City Librarian or Administrative Section for evaluation and approval.

3. All the approved requests must be calendared and reserved for proper monitoring of the schedule availability.

4. From Administrative Section, the approved request letter will be forwarded to the concerned Library Division/Section Head to take action and facilitate the request.

5. The Division/Section Head concern, will make all the preparation, coordination to the requesting party for the further information, dissemination to technical committee/staff to handle such request.

6. Follow-up of all incoming request and up-coming activities must be properly monitored at the Receiving Area (Lobby Desk) and/or Publication’s social media accounts In-charge.

7. Attending to all the approved request are on the first-come first serve basis. Quezon City public school libraries have priority than outside Quezon City.

8. The head concern of the approved request will inform the requesting party for the scheduled ocular inspection and discuss the itinerary and schedule of the next activity.

9. The Outreach Team will prepare all materials needed for any approved activities requested.

10. All the procedures/processes by each programs/activity must be properly observed.