Filipiniana, Local History and Archives Section

The Filipiniana Section houses printed materials on various subject about the Philippines or any related topic regardless of author, publisher, and places of publication. It has three types of sources of collections, the Quezon City Purchased books, The Book Donations, and allocations from the National Library of the Philippines.

Quezon City Purchased Books are books acquired by the library through its own budget from the city government. These books are separated from the rest of the collections since these books are marked or assigned with property numbers which are accounted by the City. It also follows the Dewey Decimal Classification System. It also contains the books allocated by the National Library of the Philippines, PDW, GAD & BSP.

The Filipiniana Section Aims to:

• Support the various research needs of the public schools and universities by keeping an up-to-date Filipiniana collection.

• Promote and inculcate love for Philippines arts, culture, history, and other information about the Philippines.

• To furnish needed information that can be supplied by Filipiniana materials.

• Make the library a conducive place for study and research by maintaining orderliness of the section and the collections.

Local History Collections

The Local History Collections house collection all about Quezon City, its people, places and events. It composes the following collections:

»   Coffee table books
»   Books published by Quezon City Departments and other government agencies.
»   QC Annual Report
»   QC Facts and Figures
»   QC Souvenir Programs
»   QC News clippings
»   Quezon City maps
»   Quezon City CD's Manuals
»   Directories
»   Newsletters
»   Brochures/Pamphlets
»   Theses about Quezon City and other subjects/titles
»   Video recordings

The Aims of the Local History are:

• To provide Quezon City Data, statistics and other information for the scholarly researchers, historians, students and business sectors.

• To preserve all possible historical materials, information that pertains to Quezon City people, places, events and others.

• To disseminate local history information for the QC constituents to have sense of belonging and pride about the city’s rich history.

• To provide easier access and retrieval of QC information for the researchers.

Filipiniana, Local History and Archives Section Policies

1. All Filipiniana & Local History books and materials are for Room-Use-Only.

2. Filipiniana and Local History implements an open shelf system wherein the users can go directly to the bookshelves and look for their needed books.

3. Users are advised to search their needed books and other reading materials at the OPAC before going to the Filipiniana Section and Local History for the information about the books or they can ask directly the Librarian for assistance.

4. All users are required to sign the log/attendance for statistical reports

5. Library users are required to sign the book cards placed at the back of the books, give it to the librarian and leave any valid ID. Users can only get their IDs upon returning the books borrowed, noted by the Librarian.

6. Interviews by students to the Librarian are allowed provided there’s a written request sent to the City Librarian.

7. Tampering/mutilating the Filipiniana and Local History materials is strictly prohibited. Any person guilty of such act will be disallowed or be banned to enter the library premises.

Policy on the Use of Theses Collections

• All theses materials are for room reading only.

• Photocopying of the whole thesis book is prohibited but Abstract part is allowed.