Children's Section

The Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) promotes literacy education and provides Children with a place to go after school it offers a dependable and valuable reference sources Suitable for the young researcher. Children’s book collections are thoroughly chosen to Guarantee that the procurement and preparation of print and non-print materials are in harmony With the criteria of quality geared to meet the needs of the children of Quezon City. The Children’s Corner constantly offers a variety of programs not only for children but also to parents and caregivers. These include knowledge-based programs as well as stimulating And enjoyable crafts and workshop for children of all ages.

The Children’s Corner provides recreational, informational, educational and social Services to all children. It provides children’s books and electronics has established A Children’s Book Club and has conducted summer art activities such as storytelling, drawing, Painting, singing and encourages parent-child also promotes the BACK TO READING CAMPAIGN’’.

The QCPL Puppeteers was formally launched as a group last November 15, 2008. The group then, started to performs puppet shows through stick puppets while our Lagro Branch Librarians Made visuals/drawing pasted on cardboards and sticks used in their storytelling. The puppet show was entitled “PAMAYANAN” and from then on, the news about us drew crowds and spread throughout the four corners of the Library, and the rest is history. The group is continuously enhancing their performances and even started creating modernized Puppets and mascots for Puppets Shows.

The group is committed to use the full potential of puppetry as an art to facilitate learning, enhance creativity and imagination, promote positive attitude and to inculcate character-building through educational entertainment.

It envisions itself to be an extension arm for the children, for the promotion of credible educational information that enhances learning and upgrades literacy through creative and contemporary puppet shows that effectively transform children into active participants in nation building and social reform in Quezon City and throughout the country.


Policies to be followed:

1. All request letters should be addressed to the City Librarian for approval.
2. Letter request should be received a month before the event for reservation and scheduling.
3. First-come first-serve policy will always be observed.
4. Other occasions like birthday parties will be under negotiation.
5. Schedules will be posted
6. No Sunday and Monday show.
7. All puppeteers should come as scheduled during activity date.
8. The section head should be informed of any leave of absence a day before the scheduled activity, except in emergency cases.
9. QCPL Children’s Corner properties (e.g. puppets, mascots, scripts, etc.) are only for, and limited to, the use of the Puppeteers Members ONLY.
10. Section 31: Dual compensation states that “No officer or employee in the Civil Service shall receive additional or double compensation unless specifically authorized by law.” In this regard, members of the Puppeeteers group should NOT accept personal invitation to perform shows.


Requirements on how to be a member:

The Lib and Rary Children’s Book Club has an ages qualification for all those who wants to be a member and we also consider children with disability.

1. Age qualification for membership applicant is 3-12 years old.
2. All interested applicant can get a copy of application form from children’s corner staff.
3. The staff will check and validate all the information written by the applicants.
4. The applicant, together with the staff, will proceed to the Puppeteers room to take a photo for his/her ID.
5. The issued ID for every member has an expiration date and it is only valid for 1-year prior from the date issued.


On the 25th of May 2015, an improved Children’s Corner was launched. The Lib and Rary Book Club is an offshoot program of the Children’s corner which initially aims to promote the collection of books suitable for children. Books are on display and ready for reading and browsing. In order to promote these collection of books and other reading materials, QCPL began by encouraging parents who are employees of Quezon City Hall to bring their children to QCPL’s children’s corner. Lively and cheerful staff QCPL engage these children to the wonderful world of reading through fun and exciting activities like storytelling, film showing, puppet show, mascot show, art workshop and many more. To sustain their new-found love for reading the QCPL started the Lib and Rary Children’s Book Club.


1. Please take care of the books.
2. Silence is to be observed.
3. No food and drinks allowed inside the library
4. Shoes and slippers should be placed in the shoe rack.
5. Bags and other belongings should be deposited at the baggage counter.
6. Children under 8 years old are requested to be under care of the parents/guardians and will not to be the responsibility of the library. It is still the responsibility of the parents to look after the welfare of the children.
7. Children are not allowed inside the puppet stage.


1. Puppet show
2. Storytelling
3. Film Showing
4. Shadow Play
5. Summer Art Work Shop
6. Reading and writing Tutorial
7. Sports