Objective And Functions


  1. To make use of electronic technologies that disseminates information in many varied forms.
  2. To provide library and information service responsive to the needs of the community.
  3. To build each library an information center about its respective community, its resources, history, people, customs, and traditions, etc.
  4. To establish communication network in all libraries for easy access to information.


The QCPL collects processes, preserves, safeguards books and non-book materials acquired through purchase, gifts or donations and allocations from the National Library of the Philippines.

  1. Facilitates informal self-education.
  2. Supports and complements research in all fields of endeavor.
  3. Provides bibliographic access to City’s information resources.
  4. Provides wholesome use of leisure time in a most conducive learning environment.
  5. Establish reading centers in barangays to serve those in depressed or remote areas.
  6. Uses bookmobiles to reach as many people as we can in many ways as we can for story time and reading program.