How To Use The “Ask-A-Librarian” Online Reference Service


Through QCPL Website

1. Click this link or copy and paste it on your internet browser.
2. At the bottom right of the QCPL page, click the “Ask-A-Librarian” chat box.
3. Begin to chat by giving your full name and email address, followed by the details about your reference material (title, subject and/or author),     or topic of your research study.
4. A librarian will promptly respond in the chat box to process your request.

Through QCPL Facebook Messenger

1. Click QCPL Facebook page or copy this link on your internet browser.
2. Send a message, your full name and contact number, followed by the details of about your research needs.
3. You will be promptly assisted to process your request.

How To Borrow Fiction Books For Home Reading


1. Sign in to the User’s Registration form at the Readers Services Division.
2. Search to the QCPL OPAC to check the availability of the fiction books you wish to borrow, or you may direct to the Fiction corner at the      Information Desk to browse the shelves.
3. Present your QCPL library card to the Reference Librarian, and sign the book card.
4. You may borrow at least (2) fiction books for one week.
5. Return the fiction books on or before the due date to avoid overdue fines. Overdue fines computed at a rate of Php1.00 x total overdue days.
6. To settle overdue fines, pay for the total amount at the Miscellaneous Cashier at Treasurer’s Office. Secure an official receipt and submit a      photocopy to the QCPL Information Desk.
7. Claim your library card.

How To Research Books And Other Reference Materials

The library is open to the general public – students, professionals, out of school youth, children, senior citizens, officials and employees of the City Hall and others including PWDs who may wish to conduct research or spend their leisure time reading. All books and other materials are for room-use only.


1. Fill up the User’s Registration form at the Readers Services Division.
2. Search to the QCPL OPAC to check the availability of the books and other materials you wish to borrow. You may also ask assistance from      the Reference Librarian on duty.
3. Once you have found the book you need or other materials related to your research study, write the details of the book on a slip of paper,      including the title, location, and call number showed at the OPAC screen, and present it to the Reference Librarian for faster retrieval.
4. Present your QCPL library card to the Reference Librarian, and sign the book card.
5. You may borrow (2) books at a time for the Readers area.
6. Ask permission to the librarian on-duty if you wish to photocopy portions of a book. Note that you can only photocopy limited pages or at      most 10% portion of the book.
7. Once you finish reading, return the book to the Reference Librarian and claim your QCPL Library Card.

How To Use The QCPL Online Appointment System

QCPL will open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 3 pm only. We will be conducting regular disinfection in the library premises to ensure the safety of staff and the clients from 3:00-5:00 pm. QCPL will only accept 30% of the total regular daily clients on a first come, first served basis to regulate minimum health standard protocol of at least 1-meter apart, in compliance to IATF-EID Guidelines.

No face mask and face shield, no entry.

Allow up to (2) hours limit per visit.

Secure your appointment at least one week ahead of the desired schedule of visit.

To book an appointment:

1. Click QCPL Online Appointment or copy and paste this link on your      internet browser.
2. Fill out all the required fields, including your full name, contact number, and purpose of visit.
3. Select the desired date and time of visit and click ‘SUBMIT’
4. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment via your registered email address.

How To Donate Books And Other Reading Materials

The Quezon City Public Library is always grateful to receive and accept donations of books and other reading materials from various donors like civic-spirited individuals, foundations, organizations, and friends of the library that help augment and increase library collections.


1. Drop-off the books at QCPL with the guard on duty.
2. Our staff will ask you to read and fill out the Donation Policy Form.
         The Donation Policy:
        1. All donated materials will be evaluated and assessed by the Collection Development librarian.
       2. Books and other reading materials will be disposed of if these are in poor physical condition/poor appearance; unneeded and inexpensive             reprints; or have obsolete and outdated content.
         3. Selected materials will be processed with the option to be distributed to the Main Library,
             Branch Libraries, and recipients of the Share-A-Book program.
         4. QCPL reserves the right to dispose of all donated materials without the consent of the donor if found to be under the number 2 policy.
         5. QCPL does not accept inquiries from donors regarding their donated materials.
         6. All donations become the property of QCPL and are not returnable.
         7. Donations will undergo a 3-day quarantine period and UV light sterilization before the assessment of the librarian.
3. Upon completion of the Donation Policy form, the Technical Division will now accept the book donations.
    Note: For donation of Thesis/Dissertation, you may request for a Certificate of Donation (for academic requirement).