Library Tour

The Quezon City Public Library welcomes Librarians, students, school groups, government officials and civic organizations to visit the library in order to provide an orientation to the library facilities, policies, services and resources the library has to offer. In order to provide the greatest level of services, group visits/tours should adhere to the following:

1. Library tours/visits shall be accommodated by sending letter requests or thru email at or or call telephone number (02) 9224060. The purpose or objective must be indicated in the request including date and time of visit; ages/level and number of participants. Requesting party must wait for the approval and confirmation of the schedule.

2. All visits and tours should be arranged at least one week in advance. Groups of 25 or more should make arrangements earlier for approval and scheduling so that appropriate staffing can be arranged.

3. All visits and tours will be scheduled during the library’s regular hours of operation, on a first-come, first-served basis preferably when no other library programs/activities are scheduled to take place. If a group shows up without letter request, library staff will try to accommodate the group provided there are no other scheduled library visits/tours. Otherwise, the group will not be accommodated or will be rescheduled some other time. In the event that unscheduled groups from faraway provinces visit the library and wish to have a library tour, they will be given humanitarian consideration.

4. All visits and tours will be conducted between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm only, Monday to Friday.

5. Library visits and tours will be conducted by assigned library staff. The library will provide a video presentation of the Quezon City Public Library’s mandate, services and activities. For children or grade schoolers, educational and recreational storytelling and/or puppet shows will be conducted.

6. All groups must be appropriately supervised by assigned librarians/staff during the tour. Coordination and maintaining proper order must at all times be observed within the library premises so as not to disturb other patrons and not to disrupt the normal operations of the library.

7. In order to provide an effective visit, preschool groups are generally limited to no more than 20 children. The optimal group size for older children and adults is 30 people. At least one adult for every 10 children must accompany a group. Large groups should consider breaking into smaller groups for a more effective and productive visit.

8. Tours last approximately 30–45 minutes, and begin in the Library Main Lobby Area.