General Policies


The policy statements are designed to guide the library staff, OJTs, trainees, visitors, and other library stakeholders that use library facilities and services.



1. All Reference materials like books and other collections are for Room-Use-Only. These materials can be photocopied upon the approval of the Librarian-in-charge with corresponding gate pass to be presented to the guard.

2. The Reference Section practices the open shelf system wherein the researchers can go directly to the bookshelves and look for their needed books. In case of unavailability of books in the shelves, users can ask the Reference Librarian for assistance.

3. Users are advised to search their needed books and other reading materials at the OPAC before going to the shelves for books needed;

4. All users are required to sign in the User’s Registration Form for statistical reports purposes.

5. Library users are required to sign the book cards placed at the back cover of the book, give it to the Librarian and leave any valid ID. Users can only get their IDs upon returning the books borrowed, noted by the Librarian and/or staff-in-charge;


Interviews by researcher/s to the Librarians are allowed provided there is a written request sent to the City Librarian prior to the interview for proper scheduling.

Charging Station

1. The client must pay a ₱20.00 per hour (consumable/non-refundable); as per approved Ordinance No. 2291, S-2014 (D)-Fines and Fees. Payment of charging fee/s should be made by the client to the QC Treasurer’s Office- Quezon City Miscellaneous Cashier for the issuance of official receipt. It is understood that payment of charging fee of P20.00 has been agreed upon and understood by the client and that it was done voluntarily and of his/her own free will.

2. The client/s must use his/her own device/s for charging;

3. The library staff/s are not obliged to provide any charging paraphernalia to the client;

4. The staff may provide charging equipment to the client provided the staff will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damages to any device/s of the client;

5. The client is responsible for the safety of his/her own gadget/s while charging; he/she should not leave the charging of his/her gadget/s unattended. QCPL staff will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damages to any device/s of the client.

Library Tour/Visit

The Quezon City Public Library welcomes Librarians, students, school groups, government officials and civic organizations to visit the library in order to provide an orientation to the library facilities, policies, services and resources the library has to offer. In order to provide the greatest level of services, group visits/tours should adhere to the following:


• Library tours/visits shall be accommodated by sending letter requests or thru email at or or call telephone number (02) 922-40-60. The purpose or objective must be indicated in the request including date and time of visit; ages/level and number of participants. Requesting party must wait for the approval and confirmation of the schedule.

• All visits and tours should be arranged at least one week in advance. Groups of 25 or more should make arrangement earlier for approval and scheduling so that appropriate staff support can be arranged.

• All visits and tours will be scheduled during the library’s regular hours of operation, on a first-come, first-served basis preferably when no other library programs/activities are scheduled to take place. If a group shows up without letter request, library staff will try to accommodate the group provided there are no other scheduled library visits/tours. Otherwise, the group will not be accommodated or will be rescheduled some other time. In the event that unscheduled groups from faraway provinces visit the library and wish to have a library tour, they will be given consideration.

• All visits and tours will be conducted between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm only, Monday to Friday.

Group tour

• Library visits and tours will be conducted by assigned library staff. The library will provide a video presentation of the Quezon City Public Library’s mandate, services and activities. For children or grade schoolers, educational and recreational storytelling and/or puppet shows will be conducted.

• All groups must be appropriately supervised by assigned librarians/staff during the tour. Coordination and maintaining proper order must at all times be observed within the library premises so as not to disturb other patrons and not to disrupt the normal operations of the library.

• In order to provide an effective visit, preschool groups are generally limited to no more than 20 children. The optimal group size for older children and adults is 30 people. At least one adult for every 10 children must accompany a group. Large groups should consider breaking into smaller groups for a more effective and productive visit.

• Tours last approximately 30–45 minutes, and begin in the Library Main Lobby Area.

Unscheduled tour

• Unscheduled tour will be accommodated granting that they have referral letter. However, no video and puppet showing will be made.


An admitted trainee shall abide by the rules and regulations implemented by the office where he/she is undergoing on-the-job training.


• Must report to assigned section on or before the scheduled time;

• In case of late or absence, notify the supervisor in-charge in advance or may call 922-40-60;

• Time cards should be countersigned by the guard on duty/assigned officer;

• Lunch break is at 11:00-12:00 12;00-1:00; snack/break time 10:00-10:15; 3:00-3:15

• Strictly NO SMOKING inside the library premises/vicinity as per Executive Order No. 26 (Providing smoke free environment in public and enclosed places)


• Be polite. Smile. Greet as you arrive;

• Practice professional courtesy when communicating with employees and client/s. Patience is a virtue that should be demonstrated

• Interact respectfully with all the supervisors and colleagues.

Dress code

• Wearing of school uniform or group uniform is encouraged;

• No shorts, leggings, low rise jeans, slippers, spaghetti straps, flip flops, midriff clothing and body tights.

• Wearing of QCPL ID is a must.

During Working Hours

• Avoid using cell phones, head phones and other gadgets. Put it in a silent mode.

• Avoid chatting with co-trainee/s, other staff and make one self busy;

• Maintain the progress of the work as agreed with the immediate supervisors.

• Complete the required training hours as indicated in the school endorsement or MOA. In case of late, half day or absences, the period of OJT will be extended to complete required hours.

• Actively seek feedback and incorporate suggestions for performance improvements.


• No advance CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be issued unless there is a promissory note signed by the teacher/professor indicating that deficit hours will be paid back.

• Request of advance Certificate with more than ten days absence will be referred to the City Librarian’s office. Ten days and below is upon the discretion of the Reference Section Head & Readers Services Division Head.

Pantry Use

• Lower your voice so as not to disturb nearby area.

• Separate food waste from plastic/container in proper trash bin.

• Clean the area after eating.

• Trainee must pay ₱5.00 per 500ml of water.

In case of violation of the above policy a warning will be given to the specific trainee and in case of habitual violation the management (QCPL) has the right to terminate the training and the school will be notified accordingly.


About QCPL’s Ask a Librarian Service

Ask a Librarian is a free service for those seeking assistance with library and research-related questions from Quezon City Public Library’s (QCPL) reference staff. We answer questions online through instant messaging available at our website: QCPL offers short, directional answers to questions and does not provide document delivery online or in person.


The service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. excluding holidays and work suspensions. For the months of April, May, December, service is available from 9 AM to 4.45 PM. For Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. except for the months of April and May.


QCPL primarily serves Quezon City residents, but anyone can ask a library-related question.

QCPL specializes in information about library resources, collections, facilities, and services. QCPL also answers questions and comments about library-supported technologies, including website and online resources.

QCPL does NOT provide document delivery.


1. Users must fill-out the chat box found at the lower right portion of the website.

2. Provide correct and complete name, working email, then the question. Click chat.

3. For easy questions reference librarians give answers instantly. But for hard questions, there is 15-30 minutes waiting time for research to be able to answer questions.

4. Reference Librarians strive to answer all questions. In case questions are not answered because of unavailability of resource materials, reference librarians will refer the online researcher to other reliable sources or libraries.


This service will be available in web browsers in desktop computers and mobile browsers.


Call 922-40-60 during service hours. Or message Reference Librarians in Facebook Messenger, but please note that the Ask-a-librarian will be the primary mode of asking for research related queries. For library tours, surveys, complaints/ suggestions and other non-research related questions, please email or call us.


Contact and/or with feedback about the Ask a Librarian service.


QCPL is committed to confidentiality, in accordance with the library's privacy statement. NO unsolicited messages will be given.

A Note on Acceptable Behavior

Librarians treat Ask-a-Librarian service users with respect and courtesy. Service users are expected to treat librarians with the same respect and courtesy. Unacceptable online behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a report to law enforcement agencies such as the NBI and PNP.


Borrowing books

1. All Filipiniana & Local History books and materials are for Room-Use-Only.

2. Filipiniana and Local History Section implements an open shelf system wherein the users can go directly to the bookshelves and look for their needed books.

3. Users are advised to search their needed books and other reading materials at the OPAC before going to the Filipiniana Section and Local History for the information about the books or they can ask directly the Librarian for assistance.

4. All users are required to sign the log/attendance for statistical reports

5. Library users are required to sign the book cards placed at the back of the books, give it to the librarian and leave any valid ID. Users can only get their IDs upon returning the books borrowed, noted by the Librarian.

Use of Theses Collections:

• All thesis materials are for room reading only.

• Before photocopying, a client is required to fill-out photocopying form available at the library counter and have it signed by the library staff in charge together with the signature of section head

• Maximum of 15 pages per thesis is allowed

• Undergraduates and senior high school students are not allowed to photocopy any thesis.

QC Libros

QC Libros (Quezon City Library Repository Online System) is an in-house database where collections of Filipiniana, Local History and Archives section were uploaded. The different collection that can be found

How to access?

• Fill-out the registration form
• The file is searchable by Title, Subject, Author and Issue Date

in QC Libros are Quezon City:

• Annual Reports
• Coffee Table books
• Facts and Figures
• Manuals
• Maps
• Souvenir Programs

Are Files downloadable?

• Downloading and printing of documents are referred to MIS Section
• Taking of pictures of files is allowed


• Interviews by students of the Librarian are allowed provided there’s a written request sent to the City Librarian in advance.

• Tampering/mutilating the Filipiniana and Local History materials is strictly prohibited. Any person guilty of such act will be disallowed or be banned to enter the library premises.


• Interviews by students of the Librarian are allowed provided there’s a written request sent to the City Librarian in advance.

• Tampering/mutilating the Filipiniana and Local History materials is strictly prohibited. Any person guilty of such act will be disallowed or be banned to enter the library premises.



1. Fill-out the registration form.
2. Newspapers, clippings and magazines/journals are for room use only.
3. Photocopying of all materials is permitted and requires any valid ID and fill-out slip.
4. Quezon City Hall employees are permitted to borrow donated materials for two (2) days and employees ID is required.
5. Coffee is available only on the designated area.
6. Charging of electronic gadgets is allowed (minimum of ₧20.00 per hour or less).

Use of Computers

1. Fill-out the registration form.
2. Only QC Libros database and PressReader website are available for browsing.
3. Downloading and printing of documents are not available, proceed to MIS Section.
4. Flash drive is not permitted to be inserted in the computers.


Multi Media & Internet Policies

Computer and Internet Use

1. Present your QCPL current and valid library card and sign in MIS staff log book. A client has to wait for a computer to become available. Observe the first come, first served policy.

2. Children aged 10 years old and under must be accompanied by their parents or guardians when doing research inside the library premises.

3. All users are allowed to use Internet facilities for a maximum of one hour per computer only. If a client or user wishes to extend computer use after an hour, he/she must ask permission first from the MIS staff assigned. Extension is only allowed if there is no queue of users. Otherwise, the said user will have to queue again and wait for his turn.

4. Priorities will be given to students/clients doing research and those who access e-Government services. Those who will make resume for job application will also be accommodated.

5. Internet and WIFI use are free.

6. The following are strictly prohibited:

a. Opening, altering or changing configurations, transfer or steal any equipment or any part of it.
b. Opening any application program without the permission from the librarian/staff.
c. Accessing any e-mail, indecent or immoral information of files in graphics (picture), text, sound or other form.
d. No computer games/online games, no obscene photos or languages will be allowed or tolerated in the use of the computers.
e. Drinking and/or eating any kind of foods and beverages including candies and gums.
f. Making unnecessary noise that may disturb other users.
g. Interfacing with other users without consent.
h. Littering and vandalism.

Those who will be caught doing the above listed prohibitions will be dealt with accordingly, will be banned to use the MIS facilities and services and immediate loss of library privileges.

Computer Use Privacy

1. QCPL is committed to protecting library users’ privacy, but as a public institution, the library cannot guarantee absolute privacy.

2. Users’ activities on the library’s computer are not recorded or stored on the computer hard drive.

3. The QCPL assumes no responsibility for information the users chose to provide to websites, services or individuals when using the library’s computer.

Wireless Access

1. Free wireless Internet access is available at QCPL. No plug or phone jack is needed. Simply, turn on your notebook, laptop or other wireless device.

2. The wireless network is not secure and the Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment, security or data files. Information may be captured by anyone with a wireless device and appropriate software.

3. Wireless Internet access in the library is filtered in the same manner as the library’s own public use computers.

E-Government Services Policies

The clientele should be guided on the following:

1. The library’s computers use to obtain e-Government services do not retain any personal information, no “cookies” are kept, temporary and Internet files are removed, and the internet cache is cleared at the end of each user’s session

2. The library and the MIS staff will not collect or retain any personal information used in accessing e-Government services.

3. MIS staff will not view any personal information that patrons enter into the computer in order to obtain e-Government services. The viewing of personal information by MIS staff may be necessary only in order to assist customers with their e-Government transactions.

4. The library is not responsible for the content found on other websites, for any failure in transmission of online application or forms to other agencies, or for accurate submission of forms or information. The library cannot guarantee that other agencies receive forms or information submitted from library computers or act on them appropriately. No agreement or contract is created between the patron and the MIS staff of the library system.

5. The library uses best efforts to ensure network security. Nevertheless, the patron assumes all responsibility for the use of the library’s network and networked resources, including interference with the patron’s data, laptop computer or other devises.

6. The library is not liable for the loss or compromise of any confidential or sensitive, or any other information, or for any and all damages resulting from that loss or compromise.

7. The library is not responsible for the outcomes expected by patrons as a result of their e-Government transactions (i.e. receiving or not receiving benefits). The library is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by patrons to e-government service providers.


Law Research Section Policies

The library is considered a research environment where users expect to work undisturbed. The following must be observed.

1. The library is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss of personal property, including property stored in carrels. Library users should take every precaution to ensure the security of personal belongings, especially purses, wallets, backpacks, books, portable computers, and other electronic devices.

2. Foods are not allowed inside the reading area. Coffee, drinks, water, cakes and pastries are served at the Café@lib. Use trash cans after personal cleaning of spills. NO SMOKING (Ordinance 1515, S-2005) inside the library.

3. Quiet conversation with others in the library is allowed, however, be considerate of those studying around you.

4. Cellphones must be set to non-audible signals while in the Library when answering phone call, one must go out and answer calls at the hallway. Charging fee of P20.00 per hour payable at the City Treasurer’s Office is required. Clients may charge in the area, provided they register first at the Information Desk located at the ground floor.

5. Books are strictly for ROOM USE ONLY.

6. Maximum of 3 to 4 books are allowed for each reader depending on their research work. After using the books leave it on top of the table for inventory purposes. The staff will return the books in the shelves. Feel free to ask the staff for any related research.

7. Photocopy is allowed provided a book pass must be filled up for the books to be taken downstairs for photocopy.

8. Printing service is available on materials accessed from scanned collection. Printing charge is 2.00 pesos per page.

9. Readers are free to use LEX Libris, The Lawphil, Chan Robles computers for an hour. If anyone wishes to extend their time they will be allowed to unless there are no other readers using the computers. The next reader is always prioritized to give equal opportunity to all users.

10. Law Research Section encourages library users to use headphones or other listening device inside to avoid distractions while reading/studying but on low volume only so as not to disturb others. Refrain from using audible devices without headphones.



The collection development policy is intended to provide guidance, within budgetary and space limitations, for the selection and evaluation of materials which anticipate and meet the needs of the Quezon City community. It directly relates the collection to the library's mission and vision statement, and defines the scope and standards of the various collections.

As the community changes, the library will need to reassess and adapt its collections to reflect new and different areas of interest and concern. The collection development policy will be periodically evaluated and revised as necessary to provide guidance for implementing changes in the collection.


Support the curricular needs and interest of the Quezon City community by:

 Systematic, timely, selective acquisition of print and non-print reference materials of suitable quality and format.

 Provide access through information through licensing, subscribing, linking to free resources, or making consortia agreements with publishers, other libraries, or other organization.

 Developing collections with adequate resources in each subject area.

 Maintaining the collections through appropriate conservation and preservation methods.

The Community

Quezon City is characterized by a large number of organizations, a growing business community, a long tradition of interest in art and culture, and notable private and public elementary, high schools, colleges and universities. The individuals in the community reflect varying economic, racial and educational backgrounds. It has a population of 2,936,116 as of August 20151. There is an increasing number of immigrants, particularly from other communities and provinces moving into the city. Quezon City is the ICT capital of the Philippines, the second richest city2 and the most business-friendly city in the country. It is also the second biggest city in the country, second to Davao City, and the largest city in Metro Manila3, comprising 25% of land area. Literacy in Quezon City is relatively high. English is widely spoken, though it is Tagalog that is predominantly used. There are parts of the city that are called depressed areas with informal settlers living within the area.

Quezon City Public Library is located within the Quezon City Hall premises; thus, employees and other city hall stakeholders are also regular users of the library, aside from other professionals, students, and senior citizens. Studying the community is essential to selection of materials for the library. Knowledge of the community enables the library to better serve its users by developing collections that reflect the changing interest and composition of Quezon City. 2 city-in-philippines.html

Philosophy of the Collection

In support of its mission, Quezon City Public Library provides different collections in varied disciplines, that gives wide array of information that will help the community in their research needs. It also collects information about the history of Quezon City for the use of the future generations of the City. Some materials available in the library present a diversity of viewpoints, enabling citizens to make the informed choices necessary in a democracy, although they are limited in number.

Purchased Collection

The Library has an annual budget to purchase collection in various format, reading levels, and subject areas. Multiple copies of materials are only purchased to be distributed in its different branch libraries in response to user demand as evidenced by number of reserves, anticipated popularity, repeated requests and monitoring of the collection.

Donation / Gift

The Quezon City Public Library is always grateful to receive/accept donation of books, library materials, etc. from various donors like civic spirited individuals, foundations, organizations, and friends of the library that help augment and increase library collections.

Nevertheless, donors must understand and follow the existing policies for donation as follows:

a. All donated books and other library materials will be evaluated and assessed by the book selection committee under the Technical Services Division.

b. Books and other reading materials will be weeded/disposed if:

• With poor physical condition
• Obsolete, outdated books and inexpensive re-prints

c. Selected books, reading materials, etc. will be processed with the option to be distributed to the Main Library, Branch Libraries and Adopted Reading Centers.

d. The QCPL reserves the right to dispose/weed, etc. all donated books or reading materials, etc. without the consent of the donor if found to be under the letter b policy.

e. QCPL does not accept inquiries from donors on their donated books, reading materials, etc.

f. All donations forms part of the QCPL properties

Donors' full name, address, contact number and quantity of donation is recorded for reference. Acknowledgment letter is given to the Collection Maintenance The continuous review of library collection is necessary to ensure that the collection remain up to date, balanced, and in good physical condition and to have available space for the incoming acquisition. The library staff applies professional judgement and expertise in determining what materials to retain, repair or weed.

Scope of the Collection

The primary responsibility of the Quezon City Public Library is to serve Quezon City citizens and employees by providing a broad choice of materials to meet their informal, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Materials are selected to aid individuals, groups, and organizations attain practical solutions to daily problems, and to enrich the quality of life for all community members.

Main Library

The Main branch serves the Quezon City community as whole, in addition to serving as a resource for the other eighteen (18) active branch

libraries. The size and scope of its collection attracts users from surrounding cities and municipalities of Metro Manila areas, however, the main purpose is to serve Quezon City citizens and employees. As an urban library, the Main Branch places major emphasis on the provision of information. It offers a strong reference collection that supports an extensive and in-depth reference service. A broad choice of circulating print and non-print materials is selected to accommodate the diversity of tastes, reading levels, languages, and interest of users of all ages. The Main branch aims at providing a comprehensive collection of materials relating to the City, and builds upon existing strengths in business, economics, culture and the arts. Scholarly and highly technical or specialized materials are not purchased but are made available through other libraries with strong collections, such as the UP-NCPAG, NSO, and Thomas Jefferson Library.

District Libraries

The six (6) District Libraries offer a full range of standard library services to the general needs of their respective district. They maintain a balanced collection covering both standard works on all subjects and materials catering to different levels of readership. Collection and services of district libraries tries to be at par with the Main branch. However, in case of limited resources, District libraries becomes second in priority in the distribution of materials whether purchased or donated.

Barangay Libraries

The thirteen (13) Barangay Libraries serve specific neighborhoods in the City. The interests and needs of the actual and potential users of the branch are continually evaluated so that each library has a collection reflecting the community that it serves. While each Barangay library serves basic reference needs of its neighborhood with a core of reference materials, it does not duplicate the in-depth sources or special collections of the Main and District libraries.


Responsibility of the Selection

The authority and responsibility for the selection of library materials rests ultimately with the City Librarian. Under his/her direction, selection is delegated to the librarians. All staff members and the general public are encouraged to recommend materials for consideration.

All materials, whether purchased or donated, are considered in terms of the criteria set by the Technical Services.

The library strongly encourages input from the Quezon City community concerning the collection. Suggestion for purchase procedure enables Quezon City citizens to request that a particular item of subject be purchased by the library. All suggestions for purchase are subject to the same selection criteria as other materials and are not automatically added to the collection. It is the library's intent that suggestions for purchase be used to help the library in developing the collection which serve the interests and needs of the community.

Quezon City resident wishing to recommend the removal of a particular item in the library collection may submit a "Request for consideration", which will be reviewed by the City Librarian and library staff in relation to the library's mission statement and the selection criteria of this Collection Development Policy. The City Librarian will evaluate the reviews submitted by the patron and library staff and will release a response within 30 days upon receiving the formal objection.

Selection Criteria

The following are the criteria for selection of library materials:

a. Content
• Accurate and updated coverage.
• Broaden various development aspects.
• Suitable for readers' level.
• Furthers the mission of the library.

b. Readability
• Clearly and concisely written.
• Has good writing style.

c. Physical Make-up of Material
• Good quality material
• Attractive and creative presentation

d. Others
• Reasonable price
• Positive reviews
• Easy to use


Outreach Services

Activity Request Policy:

o Letter of requests received by District Libraries Division for any activities thru email or walk-in must be recorded first in Incoming communication logbook for proper protocol and acknowledgement.

o After receiving, the letter will be evaluated by the District Head, recommended for approval by the Assistant City Librarian and approved by the City Librarian.

o All the approved requests must be calendared and reserved for proper monitoring of scheduled availability.

o From the District Libraries Division, the approved request letter will be forwarded to the concerned Library Division/Section Head to act and facilitate the request.

o The Division/Section Head concern, will make all the preparation coordination to the requesting party for further information, dissemination to handle such request.

o Follow up of all incoming request and up-coming activities must be properly monitored.

o Attending to all the approved request are on a first-come-first serve basis. Quezon City Public School Libraries are priority than outside Quezon City.

o The head concern of the approved request will inform the requesting party for the ocular inspection and discuss the itinerary and schedule of the next activity

o The Outreach Team will prepare all the materials needed for any approved activities requested.

o All the procedures/processes by each program/activity must be properly documented.

Library Organization

Involves organization of public and school libraries not only in Quezon City but outside Quezon City.


1. There should be a written request from the Head of the Library/Institution addressed to the City Librarian.

2. If approved by the City Librarian, the requesting Librarian must be informed and a meeting will be set to discuss responsibilities of both parties which will be included in the Memorandum of Understanding.

3. The District Librarians will take charge in coordinating with the public or school libraries administration including orientation and training of the requesting party with the following:
a. How to organize the library
b. Color coding
c. Shelving

4. Responsibilities of each party


a. Conduct free training for the school Librarian-in-charge and staff in connection with library management, operation and organization.
b. Take charge in sorting the books for color coding
c. Provide Outline or guide of colors to each discipline or subject
d. Monitor the pasting and cutting of color codes and the
shelving of books according to color codes in the bookshelves.
e. Provide or donate books and other reading materials
f. Ensure that the library organization is documented including interviews for future reference.


a. Must provide librarians in charge and staff to be trained by the QCPL organizing team
b. Provide materials like colored papers, pastes, scissors, scotch tape etc., as needed in organizing the library
c. Manpower or staff to do the cutting and pasting of color codes to the books and in shelving the books. A minimum of five staff to do the organization
d. Library building or room already cleaned up, furnished with chairs, tables, ready bulletin boards, pictures for walls and bookshelves decors
e. Provide food and/or accommodation for the organizers as needed.
f. Issue Certificate of Attendance and Appreciation to the organizing team.


a. The District Coordinators must ensure to continuously monitor the library of its functionality.
b. The DCs must visit the organized library once a month if within QC or once or twice a year if outside QC.
c. The Librarian-in-charge of the organized library must submit a monthly/quarterly report to the QCPL on the status of the readership and functionality including impacts to students served
d. The reports will be the basis of the continuous donation of books of the QCPL to the said library
e. If based on the reports the concerned library is not functional, QCPL will have the option not to continue the support to said library.


The responsibilities of both parties are herein stated as follows:

a. Quezon City Public Library as the First Party

1. Will donate books and other reading materials for the adopted library in the community
2. Shall continuously monitor the operations of the library for its functionality
3. May conduct free trainings to library staff on how to manage the operation of the library and how to conduct activities like storytelling and puppet shows
4. May organize the adopted library as the need arises
5. Shall have once a year visit to the library adopted for evaluation and assessment

b. The Requesting Barangay/Municipality as Second Party

1. Provide the space, building for the community library
2. Coordinate with the community and barangay people who will be the beneficiary of the “Adopt-a-Library” project regarding the use of the library
3. Provide the Quezon City Public Library with a quarterly or annual report of the status of the community and barangay library adopted
4. Provide for furniture (i.e. bookshelves) fixtures and other supplies and materials needed in community library
5. Shall monitor and manage the operations of community library.


Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are not always the cleanest places to visit. Even a clean public restroom can harbor many germs just by the fact that so many people use the same facility all day long. To decrease the chance of contracting germs or just helping you feel more comfortable using the said facility, this policy will give you few tips to keep in mind.

The intent of this policy is to promote proper hygiene and to maintain the cleanliness of our public toilet. Policy for the Users:

• Never leave the restroom dirty. Smelly toilets are big turn offs.
• Lock the door carefully when inside.
• If someone is inside, wait for the other person to come out.
• Do not spill water on the floor as someone might slip and get hurt.
• Never forget to use flush once you are done. Check the toilet seat for unwanted stains or substance.
• Do not spit on walls. It is absolutely childish to write names or make designs on toilet walls.
• Don’t take much time inside the restroom. One should avoid taking hand phones inside the washroom.
• Tissue paper must be thrown inside the dustbin and not anywhere else. Sanitary napkins must be wrapped in polybags / toilet tissues and disposed in dustbins.
• Do not leave the restroom with taps / faucet on. It is important to conserve water.
• One should not smoke inside the office toilet. It leads to suffocation.
• Keep the soap inside the soap case.


QCPL Pantry located at the ground floor of the building is being used by our employees only, i.e. Main (Reference, Filipiniana & Local History, Periodicals, Children’s Corner, Management & Information System, Baggage Counter and Law Sections) and Branch Libraries Staff when they happen to be at the Main Library during lunch time and snacks.

Conference Room Policies

The following policies and regulations have been developed to ensure the proper use and preservation of the facility:

Policies of Requesting Party:

1. The Conference Room is designed for the use of QCPL activities/affairs only.

2. Quezon City Government Offices are allowed to use the Conference Room, provided there is an advance notification/written request addressed to the City Librarian stating the purpose, date and number of participants for reference purposes.

3. Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Councilors will be the priority in case of conflict of schedules.

4. A schedule of date will be strictly followed on a “First come first served” basis among QC government offices.

5. A maximum of fifty (50) persons will be allowed to use the conference room to avoid overcrowding, as well as comfort room facilities are not designed for large groups.

6. The Conference Room is ideal for a one (1) day short meetings, trainings, forum, programs/activities of the library and other official functions by the office and the requesting party. Therefore, a theater type arrangement is advised, no tables to accommodate a seminar-workshop or so. Other arrangement will be allowed only upon request.

7. The room is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to allow for adequate time for set up and clean up within the Library’s regular office hours. The facility is not available during evenings, weekends or holidays.

8. Cleanliness and orderliness inside the room must always be observed, as there will be no assigned janitor to monitor and maintain its cleanliness while the conference is ongoing.

9. Bringing in of food inside the Conference Room is not allowed. However, food preparations can be served at the roof deck, and Café @Lib if food item is bought there.

10. The Conference Room is not equipped with audio-visual facilities, so the requesting party must bring their own and take responsibility for the operation and care of their own equipment. Library-owned audio-visual equipment is not available to other requesting party, provided it will be operated by the library staff.

11. The requesting party will be held responsible for any losses/damage of any furniture, fixtures or equipment during their stay in the room.

12. The Participants of the event are not allowed to park at the QCPL Parking area. It is reserved for the QCPL Readers and QCPL Government Vehicles only. They can park in other QC Hall parking spaces.

Discussion Room Policies

The following policies and regulations have been developed to ensure the proper use and preservation of the QCPL facilities:

1. The QCPL Discussion Room is limited for the use of the Library and City Officials only, particularly the City Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Councilors.

2. A schedule of date will be strictly followed on a “First come, First Served” basis.

3. A maximum of 10-15 persons is allowed to use the facility as this was designed for small group discussion/meeting only.

4. The room is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. to allow for adequate time for set up and clean up within the Library’s regular office hours. This facility is not available during evenings, weekends or holidays.

5. Bringing of foods/drinks is allowed on a case to case basis.

6. Cleanliness and orderliness inside the room must be observed always. Be sure to turn off the aircon, lights and other electrical facilities when leaving the area.

7. The requesting party will be held responsible for any losses/damages of any furniture, fixtures or equipment during their stay in the room.



1. Cafe@Lib service is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

2. Do not leave valuables unattended. Cafe@Lib personnel will not be liable for any losses and damages.

3. Over staying inside Cafe@Lib should be limited to intended purpose of the shop. No by standers.

4. Charging of laptops, cell phones and other gadgets is strictly prohibited.

5. Bringing in foods is strictly not allowed (especially foods with sauce and broth).

6. Bringing books from reading area to Cafe@Lib is not allowed.

7. Staff are NOT allowed to bring in their packed lunch and snacks to eat at Cafe@Lib. Use staff pantry.

8. Boisterous laughing and excessive noise are strictly prohibited.

9. NO smoking at Cafe@Lib area.

10. All dishes and utensils such as mugs, spoons, forks, plates, saucers and the likes are exclusively for Cafe@Lib use only. Bringing said items in section or room is discouraged to avoid losses/missing items or damages.

11. Employees are not allowed to use the lavatory at the Cafe@Lib.

12. Ask the assistance of any of the Cafe@Lib staff for any request/inquiries.