District Libraries Division Policies

Outreach Services
Activity Request Policy

1. Letter of requests received by District Libraries Division for any activities thru email or walk-in must be recorded first in Incoming communication logbook for proper protocol and acknowledgement.

2. After receiving, the letter will be evaluated by the District Head, recommended for approval by the Assistant City Librarian and approved by the City Librarian.

3. All the approved requests must be calendared and reserved for proper monitoring of scheduled availability.

4. From the District Libraries Division, the approved request letter will be forwarded to the concerned Library Division/Section Head to act and facilitate the request.

5. The Division/Section Head concern, will make all the preparation coordination to the requesting party for further information, dissemination to handle such request.

6. Follow up of all incoming request and up-coming activities must be properly monitored.

7. Attending to all the approved request are on a first-come-first serve basis. Quezon City Public School Libraries are priority than outside Quezon City.

8. The head concern of the approved request will inform the requesting party for the ocular inspection and discuss the itinerary and schedule of the next activity

9. The Outreach Team will prepare all the materials needed for any approved activities requested.

10. All the procedures/processes by each program/activity must be properly documented.

Library Organization

Involves organization of public and school libraries not only in Quezon City but outside Quezon City.


1. There should be a written request from the Head of the Library/Institution addressed to the City Librarian.

2. If approved by the City Librarian, the requesting Librarian must be informed and a meeting will be set to discuss responsibilities of both parties which will be included in the Memorandum of Understanding.

3. The District Librarians will take charge in coordinating with the public or school libraries administration including orientation and training of the requesting party with the following:

a. How to organize the library
b. Color coding
c. Shelving

4. Responsibilities of each party


a. Conduct free training for the school Librarian-in-charge and staff in connection with library management, operation and organization.
b. Take charge in sorting the books for color coding
c. Provide Outline or guide of colors to each discipline or subject
d. Monitor the pasting and cutting of color codes and the
shelving of books according to color codes in the bookshelves.
e. Provide or donate books and other reading materials
f. Ensure that the library organization is documented including interviews for future reference.

Requesting Party:

a. Must provide librarians in charge and staff to be trained by the QCPL organizing team
b. Provide materials like colored papers, pastes, scissors, scotch tape etc., as needed in organizing the library
c. Manpower or staff to do the cutting and pasting of color codes to the books and in shelving the books. A minimum of five staff to do the organization
d. Library building or room already cleaned up, furnished with chairs, tables, ready bulletin boards, pictures for walls and bookshelves decors
e. Provide food and/or accommodation for the organizers as needed.
f. Issue Certificate of Attendance and Appreciation to the organizing team.

After the Library Organization:

a. The District Coordinators must ensure to continuously monitor the library of its functionality.
b. The DCs must visit the organized library once a month if within QC or once or twice a year if outside QC.
c. The Librarian-in-charge of the organized library must submit a monthly/quarterly report to the QCPL on the status of the readership and functionality including impacts to students served
d. The reports will be the basis of the continuous donation of books of the QCPL to the said library
e. If based on the reports the concerned library is not functional, QCPL will have the option not to continue the support to said library.


The responsibilities of both parties are herein stated as follows:

a. Quezon City Public Library as the First Party

1. Will donate books and other reading materials for the adopted library in the community
2. Shall continuously monitor the operations of the library for its functionality
3. May conduct free trainings to library staff on how to manage the operation of the library and how to conduct activities like storytelling and puppet shows
4. May organize the adopted library as the need arises
5. Shall have once a year visit to the library adopted for evaluation and assessment

b. The Requesting Barangay/Municipality as Second Party

1. Provide the space, building for the community library
2. Coordinate with the community and barangay people who will be the beneficiary of the “Adopt-a-Library” project regarding the use of the library
3. Provide the Quezon City Public Library with a quarterly or annual report of the status of the community and barangay library adopted
4. Provide for furniture (i.e. bookshelves) fixtures and other supplies and materials needed in community library
5. Shall monitor and manage the operations of community library.