Management Information System Section (MISS)
Multi Media & Internet Policies

Computer and Internet Use

1. Present your QCPL current and valid library card and sign in MIS staff log book. A client has to wait for a computer to become available. Observe the first come, first served policy.

2. Children aged 10 years old and under must be accompanied by their parents or guardians when doing research inside the library premises.

3. All users are allowed to use Internet facilities for a maximum of one hour per computer only. If a client or user wishes to extend computer use after an hour, he/she must ask permission first from the MIS staff assigned. Extension is only allowed if there is no queue of users. Otherwise, the said user will have to queue again and wait for his turn.

4. Priorities will be given to students/clients doing research and those who access e-Government services. Those who will make resume for job application will also be accommodated.

5. Internet and WIFI use are free.

6. The following are strictly prohibited:

a. Opening, altering or changing configurations, transfer or steal any equipment or any part of it.
b. Opening any application program without the permission from the librarian/staff.
c. Accessing any e-mail, indecent or immoral information of files in graphics (picture), text, sound or other form.
d. No computer games/online games, no obscene photos or languages will be allowed or tolerated in the use of the computers.
e. Drinking and/or eating any kind of foods and beverages including candies and gums.
f. Making unnecessary noise that may disturb other users.
g. Interfacing with other users without consent.
h. Littering and vandalism.

Those who will be caught doing the above listed prohibitions will be dealt with accordingly, will be banned to use the MIS facilities and services and immediate loss of library privileges.

Computer Use Privacy

1. QCPL is committed to protecting library users’ privacy, but as a public institution, the library cannot guarantee absolute privacy.

2. Users’ activities on the library’s computer are not recorded or stored on the computer hard drive.

3. The QCPL assumes no responsibility for information the users chose to provide to websites, services or individuals when using the library’s computer.

Wireless Access

1. Free wireless Internet access is available at QCPL. No plug or phone jack is needed. Simply, turn on your notebook, laptop or other wireless device.

2. The wireless network is not secure and the Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment, security or data files. Information may be captured by anyone with a wireless device and appropriate software.

3. Wireless Internet access in the library is filtered in the same manner as the library’s own public use computers.

E-Government Services Policies

The clientele should be guided on the following:

1. The library’s computers use to obtain e-Government services do not retain any personal information, no “cookies” are kept, temporary and Internet files are removed, and the internet cache is cleared at the end of each user’s session

2. The library and the MIS staff will not collect or retain any personal information used in accessing e-Government services.

3. MIS staff will not view any personal information that patrons enter into the computer in order to obtain e-Government services. The viewing of personal information by MIS staff may be necessary only in order to assist customers with their e-Government transactions.

4. The library is not responsible for the content found on other websites, for any failure in transmission of online application or forms to other agencies, or for accurate submission of forms or information. The library cannot guarantee that other agencies receive forms or information submitted from library computers or act on them appropriately. No agreement or contract is created between the patron and the MIS staff of the library system.

5. The library uses best efforts to ensure network security. Nevertheless, the patron assumes all responsibility for the use of the library’s network and networked resources, including interference with the patron’s data, laptop computer or other devises.

6. The library is not liable for the loss or compromise of any confidential or sensitive, or any other information, or for any and all damages resulting from that loss or compromise.

7. The library is not responsible for the outcomes expected by patrons as a result of their e-Government transactions (i.e. receiving or not receiving benefits). The library is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by patrons to e-government service providers.