Local History and Archives Section Policies

Borrowing books

1. All Filipiniana & Local History books and materials are for Room-Use-Only.

2. Filipiniana and Local History Section implements an open shelf system wherein the users can go directly to the bookshelves and look for their needed books.

3. Users are advised to search their needed books and other reading materials at the OPAC before going to the Filipiniana Section and Local History for the information about the books or they can ask directly the Librarian for assistance.

4. All users are required to sign the log/attendance for statistical reports

5. Library users are required to sign the book cards placed at the back of the books, give it to the librarian and leave any valid ID. Users can only get their IDs upon returning the books borrowed, noted by the Librarian.

Use of Theses Collections:

1. All thesis materials are for room reading only.

2. Before photocopying, a client is required to fill-out photocopying form available at the library counter and have it signed by the library staff in charge together with the signature of section head

3. Maximum of 15 pages per thesis is allowed

4. Undergraduates and senior high school students are not allowed to photocopy any thesis.

QC Libros

QC Libros (Quezon City Library Repository Online System) is an in-house database where collections of Filipiniana, Local History and Archives section were uploaded. The different collection that can be found

How to access?

• Fill-out the registration form
• The file is searchable by Title, Subject, Author and Issue Date

in QC Libros are Quezon City:

• Annual Reports
• Coffee Table books
• Facts and Figures
• Manuals
• Maps
• Souvenir Programs

Are Files downloadable?

• Downloading and printing of documents are referred to MIS Section
• Taking of pictures of files is allowed


1. Interviews by students of the Librarian are allowed provided there’s a written request sent to the City Librarian in advance.

2. Tampering/mutilating the Filipiniana and Local History materials is strictly prohibited. Any person guilty of such act will be disallowed or be banned to enter the library premises.